how to add custom font to editor


I want to add one unique font, I have created font face kit and added CSS in typography.css now I can use this font in css but I want this font in concrete5 editor. So that I can give font family from editor.

Please review attached screenshot where I need font name.

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veronika replied on at Permalink Reply
Can any member please reply for this...
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
It's sort of poor practice directly marking up content to have a specific font these days, it makes HTML messy and harder to change down the track.

Instead, you could add a custom class to your typography.css files, which should end up visible in your style drop down in the editor. I'd suggest something simple like .specialfont. Then in your css you can just style that class with your custom font. (just be aware that browser caching can sometimes make it tricky to get TinyMCE to see the updated typography file)

This means that down the track if you wanted to target that particular font (e.g. change the font, change the font weight, spacing, etc), you only have to change the css, not go through your entire site.
veronika replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Mesuva,

Thanks for your reply. I have already suggest your given solution to my client but still he need font in editor instead of style class. Any other solution do you have for this.