How To Apply a Single-Page to the Site Map

Hi There
When i add a page to the sitemap i apply a page-type to it.
A situation has arisen however, where I want to add a page to the sitemap which does not conform to a template, but instead is a single-page.
I have some single pages already in my sitemap, but as i did not develop the site i only inherited it, I'm wondering how these pages where applied as single-pages.
I'm ok developing the single-page but i'm wondering how to implement the single page into the site-map.

I can't seem to find any tutorials for this here.
Is it possible someone can offer me some guidance...
Thanks in advance.


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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
You mean the sitemap.xml file or some sitemap page on your site (
PMorrison replied on at Permalink Reply
The dashboard sitemap...

I think I have half solved my problem however..
I have accessed the site filesystem, created a folder within httpdocs, and popped my html page in there -- so now it has a URL path.

Not sure how I'm going to add it to my navigation however.
I suppose i could create a dummy page in the dashboard sitemap which redirects to my actual page - although I'm not sure this is the best solution.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
We're talking about just 1 single page? It should be in the dashboard sitemap, maybe check the checkbox at the bottom? Not sure what type of single page it is... And then again, a single page can do a bunch of stuff, using it's own routes and things like that to have more pages. So not sure if the solution you have right now is the best.
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
You need to create a php file in application/single_pages. So if your page is 'newpage' for example then you create a new file called newpage.php

Then from your dashboard go to 'Pages & Themes' > 'Single Pages'. Under 'Add Single Page' add the name of the file omitting the extension, so in this case it would be newpage

Click 'Add' and you will now find it in your sitemap.