How to display users in a group

I have registered users in which an administrator assigns groups
How can I get a listing of groups and users.

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SheldonB replied on at Permalink Reply
PM Johnthefish about magicdata in the addons i think he has a symbol for this
bbeng89 replied on at Permalink Reply
You can get users using the UserList model, like so:
$ul = new UserList();
$users = $ul->get($numUsersToGet, $offset);

See more documentation about the user list model here:

And you can get groups like this:
$gs = new GroupSearch();
$groups = $gs->get($numGroupsToGet, $offset);

And you can see more info about groups here:

Or if you don't want to write any code you can do like SheldonB said and check out JohntheFish's magic data addon. I don't know much about magic data though so I'm not positive how you would accomplish this using it.

Hope that helps!