How to find button thats using http not https and fix

Hi all,

I have a button Im told that is using http not https . This is giving a warning sign in the sites URL that parts of my site are being blocked because they are insecure. I tested what is sending http not https [ because my SSL is fine ] and i found it is one thing called

Insecure URL:
That link leads to a big code of text I don't understand. I have two blocks that you would call buttons on page in regards to sharing site and social media. One has been there prior to this issue so Ive rules that one out. The newest one that I thought must be the problem I removed block, published page, retested website and still an issue. [ Note I tested this on Opera and Google two main browsers and they identified there being an issue. But many other browsers less fussy may not. Anyway attached a a brief visual screen record of the page etc and maybe someone can spot the issue and identify from what I posted which im guessing is the insecure URL and tracing that back to the button
Any help would be great !

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