How to identify what Java Script, CSS and Html is being used on Concrete5 website

Hi all,
I am trying a service called cloud flare which helps optimism various aspects of ones website, is my basic understanding. My main purpose of trying this service is I am trying to speed up the site , page load times etc.
In cloudfare there is an option to Auto Minify it’s purpose is to Reduce the file size of source code on your website. Of Java Script, CSS and Html. I have very basic understanding of website building and have used a paid template and have add-ons or drag and drop. I don’t really understand the different types of coding etc. How do I know what type of coding is being used in a my Concrete 5 website e.g Java Script, CSS and Html. ?Any advise would be great thanks.

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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Melange

You can right click on your site and select view source and if the HTML looks all pushed together then the HTML is being compressed (minify). You can also see if the CSS and javascript files are being compressed as well. With your view source page open press Control F/ Cmd F on a mac and type in "script". This will find all the js files scripts on your site. Click on one of the links that appear in blue and see if the code looks all pushed together so you can't read it. If it looks unreadable then its being compressed. You can do the same for the CSS files just type in "style" in your search.