How to remove some unwanted script . Help please

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Hi all,

I have some unwanted script
A script with an insecure url of "" was loaded on line: 183 of

Its breaking my site padlock on my home page

It seems from the feedback I got
"We have reviewed your concern and it seems that the script in question that is causing the issue is loading from an external location and it is not hosted on your account with us.

We can confirm that you have an active SSL Certificate on your website and it is properly forced to load from a secure HTTPS location, however, the URL that is causing the Mixed Content warning, does not have an active certificate, as you can verify by simply accessing:

Therefore, even if the settings on our end are correct, the Buttons.js file is served from an external location, that is not protected with an SSL Certificate.

Unfortunately, we can not assist you with resolving this, as the file is served from a server that is outside of our infrastructure, and you should consider either contacting the vendors of the plugin/theme, this JavaScript file is using, or an experienced web developer to review this for you."

I cant seem to find it to remove it,

Any help would be appreciated. !

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hutman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It looks like the Share This code is embed in your template below the intro text but above the iframe of the MBT figures.
melange replied on at Permalink Reply
[ SOLVED ] Once again to my rescue!

Thanks I did not even see that block!

Cheers a million !!!!!!