image updating issues

i am doing a time lapse project and want to show the latest photo that has been loaded into my FTP folder.

i can get the image onto the page but it will not auto change when the next latest picture id ftp'ed to the folder. i am using using the url address for the image.

any tips on what i am doing wrong? and how to achieve what i am trying to do.

best regards to all

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi paulsgarden,

Just to clarify, the image is uploaded to the FTP and replaces the existing image (it uses the same filename and extension)?

This may be a caching issue. If you clear your browser cache, does the image update?

If caching is an issue, you might have to take a different approach to how you display the image. One would be adding a timestamp to the filename.

Are you uploading images to the FTP manually or using camera software?
paulsgarden replied on at Permalink Reply

thanks for the reply.. its camera software that is ftp'ing i will try to change the file naming later and see if that works?
the ftp over writes the last image is there a way to clear the caching in settings in concrete?

best regards
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

This is likely a browser caching issue and not a concrete5 issue. On your web server, you may have "expires headers" set (manually or by your web host) to keep images in browser cache for a set period of time.

Did you try clearing the browser cache to see if the image updated?