Import Excel Spreadsheet as a grid

With * cough * SharePoint, you can import an Excel Spreadsheet as a Grid (they call it a list).. Yes, I do also know you can import a spreadsheet as a CSV directly into MySQL.. Does Concrete allow the ability to import as a grid from an csv, xls, xlsx?



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frz replied on at Permalink Reply

Input to _what_ would be the real question. There's any number of add-ons that allow you to upload a CSV file of data for their own needs, but there's no raw "spit out a list of data from the database" function in concrete5 - so adding data without strongly typing it isn't particularly useful.

While you can build very attractive and easy to use intranets with concrete5, using sharepoint as a comparison is kinda like comparing apples and screwdrivers.
PassionForCreative replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry to hijack this thread but I have a similar but different request and when I seen Frz was on this one, I thought what the hey!

I had a meeting last week with a client who has a very ambitious idea for a database of projects. His company is an architectural practice with over thirty years experience and a database of nearly 2500 completed projects.

First off, he wants to have Featured Projects or Case Studies of 5-10 projects in each category within different sectors, eg Cultural, Education, Residential, Agri, Manufacturing etc. that show off what they can do. These projects will be individual pages that will have attributes defined, that make them sortable via the following categories - Sector, Year of Project, Project Location.

All pretty straight forward so far.

He also wants to have a database that he can import via CSV that will have the remaining projects that they have done in table format.

Where things get tricky is that he wants this table of projects to be sortable using the same attributes as the Featured Projects, (which will all be pages) and to appear below the featured projects when the user filters projects.

I intend on using ChadStrats AJAX Page Tools add on as my filter, which allows filtering of pages via Attributes so I'm wondering if these page attributes could be applied in some way to entries in a list.