Inactive Admin Account

Out of the blue the admin account on my site has become inactive. I went to the users table through phpmyadmin and set the ulsActive field to 1 from 0. I then attempt to login and it again says the account is inactive and the field is back to 0. If anyone has some suggestions I would much appreciate it.

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byubusin replied on at Permalink Reply
I have had the same problem. If anyone has figured it out please let me know.
mrnoisy replied on at Permalink Reply
I commented out the following line in concrete/models/users.php

$db->Execute('update Users set uIsActive = 0 where uID = ?', array($uID));

There might be side effects, but it solved this problem.
garcia replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello All, I get the same Error after ca 30 seconds the System kick me out saying "this user is inactive..."

I can log in again normally, but it allways kick me out after several seconds.

ulsActive is already on 1