Introducing Stylish Ordered Lists

I have a new FREE addon available for 5.7 called "Stylish Ordered Lists". It allows you to create ordered lists that have nice styling.

I'm open to any ideas for improvement.

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OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Brad,

Free add-ons are always appreciated, so thanks!

As for suggestions, how about an option to select ordered or un-ordered list? I'm thinking it shouldn't be too difficult to code that in at this point, and that would turn this into a much more flexible ''repeating fields" type add-on! Of course you'd have to rename it "Stylish Lists" </grin>

Say, where is the 5.7+ version of CVfolio theme that's on your website? I always thought that was a nice free theme for 5.6, and good free themes for 5.7 are in very limited supply.
PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
I like the idea of making this more flexible. Unordered lists would simply display the content for each item. I think I'll add more styling options, too.

I put CVfolio for 5.7 on hold for a bit, as I'm working on other 5.7 addons. I do plan to get CVfolio done soon, though.