Is C5's e-Commerce the only option for online shopping cart and web sales?

I have been using e-Commerce for a few months now and it is just "OK". I am wondering if it is possible to integrate a C5 site with any other shopping cart/ecommerce solutions available?

I haven't thoroughly researched any of the big names out there like shopify or mybigcommerce, etc. and before I spend that time I'd like to know if anyone uses such services instead of C5's e-Commerce.

We have had to make many modifications to e-Commerce code to improve its functionality for the shopper and it is now "pretty good", but not nearly the ideal I would like. Additionally, processing orders is cumbersome. It takes 9 mouse clicks (and the subsequent waiting for screens to change or refresh) to do ONE order and that is not counting if we have more than 10 orders to do, which results in having to click to the 'next page' for every order after the tenth. Before c5 I had a previous system that was 3 clicks and no screen changes for each order.

Thanks - I appreciate your input.

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Look at good old Paypal or try Ecwid (Google it)
BrianLandis replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, look at Ecwid.
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
If you're in current times you should use version 8 which has the bitter shop system in the marketplace or Communitystore on Github. Check these out!
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't forget eCommerce with Snipcart, which is great for smaller shops! :-)
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
With the pending end of life for 5.6, the original Portland Labs eCommerce is now free.

However, it is still under the marketplace license, so not open for anyone else to publish maintenance and update fixes.

As the 5.6 marketplace will be closed in less than 6 months time ( ), unless Portland Labs intend to maintain and publish the eCommerce code elsewhere, it needs to become MIT or GPL and ideally placed in an open GitGub project.

For example, I have posted notes on fixing eCommerce for php7, but cannot post an actually fixed version of the code without breaking the license conditions.
slojes replied on at Permalink Reply
Boy, this is an old post, not sure why it is getting replies six years later! But for anyone still reading and interested I long ago bailed on C5's ecommerce and simply made external links to a Shopify site. It looks about the same as my C5 website so is pretty seamless. And of course since ecommerce sites is all they do, it is state of the art online shopping!
BrianLandis replied on at Permalink Reply
I was the one who started off these recent comments! :D

Earlier today I was searching the forum for "ecwid" and that's when I saw Steevb's mention of Ecwid in this post from 2012.

Ecwid is similar to Shopify in that it is a third party, hosted platform.

But Ecwid is know for being able to take the Ecwid store and "plug it in" to an existing website or various other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The store can exist on all those different platforms yet all products and sales are stored back in the main Ecwid account.

It also has a mobile app where users can access the back end of their e-store from their mobile devices. The reviews of the mobile app on Google Play are numerous and very positive!

Lots of features exist right out of the box and the pricing is very affordable. There are no transaction fees either, except for whatever credit card processor you are using.

I might sometimes be using concrete5's associated Community Store from github--thanks, Ryan and others!--but when additional features are needed my go to is Ecwid.

Ecwid even offers two types of affiliate programs: 1) a straight affiliate program at 20% commission, and 2) a white label reseller program called Jumpstart that basically offers a 50% commission

For my future web clients I will probably bundle my web hosting services along with this Jumpstart reseller program and therefore offer a single bill to my clients. Jumpstart requires the reseller to bill the clients directly, so I can create a pricing package that combines the hosting for their main concrete5 website and their e-store.