Ive lost some script on my pages , please help me find it

Hi all,

I installed some script onto all of my webpages but I need to make some changes to it. But for the life of me I cant remember where I placed it. When I go into edit mode and however all over the pages looking for it no luck. Very new to CC5 , the script looks like this

<script id="setmore_script" type="text/javascript" src="https://my.setmore.com/js/iframe/setmore_iframe.js"></script><a id="Setmore_button_iframe" style="float:none" href="https://my.setmore.com/bookingpage/029ea026-1168-41af-9172-c8e329e3ebf1"><img bordEXAMPLEEXAMPLEEXAMPLEes/bookappt/SetMore-book-button.png" alt="Book an appointment with Melange Counselling using SetMore" /></a>

It will be on most pages if not all. Can someone advise how I can find it, sill question I know. But any help would be really appreciated .

[ P.s ] I just moved servers so SSL not installed if anyone need to look at site , or not

Thanks again


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