Looking for easy to use Theme!

In the C5.5.1 compatible themes, in the Marketplace, is the Site Name usually an editable block, or an editable prebuilt Global Stack?
I'd still like to do point-and-click editing in a site title/name block.
Can any non-coding Editors (or anyone else) recommend a theme that has proven itself in this regard?

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
You can change the logo (site name) in the dashboard (in the main settings area).

I do have a responsive, mobile-friendly theme in the marketplace that allows you to enter your own slogan beneath the site name!

It also allows you to replace the logo with your own content!

Check it out here:

SpencerC replied on at Permalink Reply
The complimentary Greek Yogurt theme is very easy to use and customize whether doing it all from the Dashboard or via theme files.

ea1958 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks guys. I think that I am going to try Greek Yogurt, first.
Spencer, do you know if I can retrieve it via my cPanel File Manager. I understand that it is was not installed in the themes folder and must be retrieved, but I could use some itemized instructions. Most of the time I am working from my iPad.
Thank you!

PS-Nevermind. I did it using FTP Client Pro on my iPad!
julia replied on at Permalink Reply
For future reference, the instructions you need are in this forum thread. Look for the post highlighted in green from me.
ea1958 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Julia,
I did see that instruction.
Is that done (query the database) through the phymy admin in my sites control panel?
I could use a couple more tips. It asked me to select at least one 'column' when I tried to run the query there.
Thank you,