Lost pages where located

I just did a migration. get the home page but I am getting 404 page errors telling me that cannot find all the pages linked in my website whenever i click on any mrni or text/image link.

prettys on
have re-indeced 56 pages found and done
redid site xml
looked inside dashboard/file sitemap and every page is present and looks great, even hidden pages

running on linux
at a lose why should be showing ll my links as being 404 when urls the same
any thought welcome


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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
What do you mean by "migration"? Does this mean you moved to a new server or URL?
Is your .htaccess file still present? Have you tried turning off and clearing the cache?
blackadder replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi thanks for the reply

I got it sorted Thx
Working great now just had to fix my .htaccess file

Sorry I fotgot to remove, etc. just got reallu busy with website launch

thx anyway