Mailchimp bot subscribers

I am just questioning if anyone else has had this happen to them. I have a concrete5 site where I have added a mailchimp form. They made changes in the last year where they took off double opt in option for Canada (where I'm from).

Since that happened, I started to receive subscribers, even prior to my website even being submitted to search engines. I almost daily get a subscriber via the form, however the name is always something like "a8ef63d" or some random order of numbers and letters (indicating its likely spam subscribers).

I find it a bit ridiculous that mailchimp doesn't offer support unless you are paying for their service & that they start charging with 2000+ on your list. I think it is a bit suspicious for that reason that I receive so many subs after that change, especially when my site wasn't even submitted to search engines.

Anyone else notice this?

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Myq replied on at Permalink Reply
I haven't noticed this, but if there is some option to add a Captcha or Re-captcha, that will help block bots. Once found, bots will exploit them as long as possible. Doesn't need to be listed in a search engine to find unprotected forms.