Migrating C5 to new host : Step by step guide

Hello Community.

I've started up a new website and could do with some feedback from some Concrete5 users.

The website is a migration guide site full of guides on migrating the most popular CMS/E-commerce systems etc. Since Concrete5 is a system I love I've added it in to the site :)

The guide website is websitemigrationguides.com and a direct link to the migration guide ishttps://websitemigrationguides.com/guide.php?migrate=9#top...

I've tried to write the guide so anyone (no matter the tech level or host being used) can use it to move from a poor host to a new (hopefully better) host.

There are no ads or promotion etc on the site.

I'd appreciate it if any admins etc could take a look and see if I've missed anything.

p.s. I know it's a long guide but I wanted anyone to be able to follow it (so no one is every stuck with a poor host again!)

Thank you in advance :D

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Good work and thank you for taking the time.

I really like that your first step is to turn off the cache. It is often forgotten and it creates issues almost every time.
websitemigrationguides replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you :)

It's something I've forgot myself in the past so thought I'd put it in :)
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I understand your guide is mostly for changing host without changing address but it could be useful either way. So maybe you should add that if the setting for canonical URL was used, that needs to be changed as well to reflect the new address if any.

If only the server changes but not the address you're fine.
websitemigrationguides replied on at Permalink Reply
Good Idea, I might create a "changing your domain" section on all the guides at the bottom (to keep it separate).

Thanks for your help :)
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I've attached (hopefully) a list that I use. I haven't looked at the OP's page yet (am rather busy with very ill father).

There's probably a lot of redundancy and conservatism in my approach; it could doubtless be pruned a bit.

Feel free to take from it what you want.