Moving site from subdomain

I manage a nonprofit website:

I converted the website to Concrete5 on a subdomain:

I would like to move my Concrete5 site to my domain, and I am a little confused on the best procedure.

I have tried pointing my domain to look at the Concrete5 folder. This works except when I click links below my main page on search results in Google. When I click on hyperlinks in Google (over than the main address itself) I get a 404 page error.

Is their a quick and easy method to getting my Concrete5 site live, so I can remove the subdomain? It seems to be if I simply point my domain then I would able to remove my subdomain listing.

I have looked through the forums at several different listings and how-to's. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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ideasponge replied on at Permalink Reply
If you have the ability to just modify the root setting of your site in your vhost/httpd.conf file (assuming you use Apache), then that is a good way.

As for handling the old links from your previous site version that is a different story. A new Addon hit the PRB recently called URL Director which will help you out. It monitors incoming URL requests and allows you to map those to existing pages.
It isn't approved yet but here it is.

If you are adding the aliases manually, be sure to leave off the domain info and just use the path and filename. "/path/to/old/page.html"
SteadyIT replied on at Permalink Reply
I am running my Concrete5 site on IIS 7.0.

The way I am starting to figure it is:

(1) Point my root domain to the folder the contains my site

(2) Confirm that I can remove my subdomain without losing my database, or the folder my site sits in.

(3) What a change to the Concrete5 file so its list and not (Sorry I forget what this file is called)

I was going to call my ISP to make sure the assumptions about removing my subdomain are correct.

Am I on the right path?

I was unable to find that add-on you mention in the marketplace.
nteaviation replied on at Permalink Reply
IMHO, it not that complicated. No database changes, page aliases or messing around with your apache config. Just pick up the site, "plop" into your webroot and edit your site.php with the proper domain nane and your done. Check your .htaccess if using "Pretty URL's".
nteaviation replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It should not be very difficult. Backup your whole site so you can restore if things go wrong. Then move the entire directory structure from the new concrete5 installl to your / (your webroot) overwriting everything. Edit your /config/site.php and change:
define('BASE_URL', '');
define('BASE_URL', '');

Also, if using pretty URL's you may need to adjust your .htaccess file to reflect your proper subdomain (www, not new).

Make sense?
SteadyIT replied on at Permalink Reply
That sounds great. My directory structure already sits on my root. I will simply have to point it to the particular folder that contains my directory structure.

It looks like the only thing I have left is to update /config/site.php to point to the root.

With regards to the page alias, I am still trying to figure out how to get all of my links that are listed in google search results pointing to my new pages.

Any advice on that?

I was unable to find the url director mentioned above in the marketplace.

NOTE . . . I read the above post again by ideasponge and noticed he had answered those questions.

Thanks for the help from everyone!