Moving to Concrete5 from Wordpress

I have been trying to build a website to see if i make the move from WordPress to Concrete 5. I am a designer and I love the CMS, it gives you so much more flexibility to add stuff where you need to. I was close, very close, after having had nearly two weeks of problems but now I have hit a brick wall and will have to give up.
The last stumbling block? Missing alt tags on my thumbnail images, this is basic accessibility. I am using the ProNews Add-On and have not had a response, but Chad could be on holiday or something. Unfortunately I didn't discover it until I was nearly ready to show the customer and time has now run out.
So thanks to all everyone who contributes on the Forum's, it has been very helpful during this learning process, but now it is goodbye.

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TorstenKelsch replied on at Permalink Reply
I think there would have been a way to modify the add-on so that you could have inserted alt-tags.

But besides, I think that WordPress is best choice for pure blogs. Concrete5 is great for websites. The blog add-ons or the built in blog functionality are nice, but in my opinion they cannot give you the elegance and ease of use like WordPress does.

There is an add-on which imports a WordPress blog into your Concrete5 website, but I have not tried it. The description sounds promising.
hostco replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't say goodbye, use this.

Have the best of both worlds.
Hoopergraphics replied on at Permalink Reply
Did realise this post was still going.

I did carry on and am very glad that I did. As a designer I really like the fact that Concrete does not "constrain" my designs, I also think it is easy for people to edit. The CMSjust makes more sense.
sherri333 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there, every time I click on this link it brings me to the Concrete5 website login, even though I am already logged in. Does anyone know if this is a real add-on? It does not show up in a search within the add-ons?

hostco replied on at Permalink Reply

It appears as if this add-on is no longer available forsale.

The page does still exist. We have a license for it and logged in we can see the page.

You should contact Julia to see if if this is by mistake or if it was removed for a reason.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
I should point out that ProBlog has a free Wordpress Importer. I think the only thing to work on it yet is image imports.

CityMind replied on at Permalink Reply

Can you give me some instructions on how to install the importer.
julia replied on at Permalink Reply
It is a real add-on, and it should be available again soon. It has been temporarily disabled in the marketplace.
julia replied on at Permalink Reply