Hi there,

I'm interested to see if Concrete5 can be used to manage multiple websites from a single installation?

To give you a better idea of what Multisite is and why you might use it, here's a brief overview, based on Multisite in Wordpress:

Multisite is a great option for freelancers, businesses and organizations that manage multiple websites. Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to provide hosting and maintenance to clients, a college organization looking to centralize the management of your websites, or a large news publisher trying to isolate silos for different departments, Multisite is the answer.

Managing multiple websites with a single installation enables you to easily upgrade the core, plugins and themes for every website in a network. You can share functionality across multiple websites with network plugins, as well as standardize design elements across multiple websites using a parent theme.

* Users are able to easily access and manage multiple websites with a single user account and profile.
* Users can access a particular website or every website using the same account.
* Information from one website can be completely isolated from others.
* Information from one website can be easily shared with others.
* Theme functionality can be shared across multiple websites using a parent-child theme relationship or a functionality plugin.
* Updates and upgrades can be rolled out across multiple websites in less time, reducing overhead and maintenance costs.
* Customizations can be efficiently distributed in a centralized, cascading method using network-wide plugins.

Is this something Concrete5 could do?

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