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Hi all,

I've been making a website with the subject concrete5 only. This subdomain of the website will be having blog articles, my add-ons from the marketplace and I hope some nice themes as well. Biggest part will be talking a little bit about concrete5 releases, concrete5 add-on releases, concrete5 tips & tricks, my own concrete5 add-ons (or plugins, whatever you want to name them) & perhaps more (depends on how many visitors I will be getting, if it holds a future or not). You can view all the add-ons with all the information you need and comment it as well (there is no real commenting on add-ons now, only "support"). So you can drop a message like "Cool" or "Thanks" or stuff like that. You will need to register though, I don't want bots scraping and commenting all around my pages.

Let me know what you think (either positive and negative).


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ramonleenders,

The site looks great and I am looking forward to seeing more blog articles. I think this will be a useful tool to promote concrete5 and the high quality work you do.

I am hoping to do something similar. A combination YouTube channel and website dedicated to building with concrete5. The idea is to make in-depth, start to finish explanations of how to make blocks, packages, and themes. A more comprehensive and detailed approach than a standard documentation page or tutorial.

In case you, or others, haven't seen them. There are two free code display add-ons available for concrete5 written by community members hissy and mesuva. These are perfect for writing blogs and tutorials about concrete5.

Code Snippet

Code Display
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Karl for the kind words. The Add-Ons noted may be of use indeed. I hope I will be doing a lot of people a favour by writing about releases, fixes, tips, tricks and you name it. I know StackExchange may be added to the list of sites for concrete5, but I hope to get some Googlers too which get redirected to this site back again for downloading and using concrete5 (or concrete5's latest version).

As for the listed Add-Ons, it's meant to create conversations as well instead of having a support section on this site only. Just saying "Awesome" or "Thanks" may be part of it, I appreciate anyone commenting about small and big things.
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice work Ramon!

It all looks so clean and easy to read. Really looking forward to reading some of your future blog posts.
WillemAnchor replied on at Permalink Reply
Looks great Ramon !
OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
It looks great Ramon! You are already such a value to the Concrete5 community, and anyone doing stuff like this will help even more, so I hope we see lots more here and elsewhere. Keep it up!

c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Looks great. The more exposure we can give concrete5 around the web the better.

We have been running something similar for a couple of years with some success -

I know Jordan also started something but seems to have tailed off a little recently -
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
I've seen c5hub before, and now you mention it, it's something similar indeed. Seeing the Add-Ons and themes, I assume you promote your own products. That's something I wanted to do too, to get more info and group all of them on my own site. Not just for interested users, but also for when I'm meeting with clients and want to show them what I have got to offer. Also wanted to blog every now and then about concrete5 specific, so would make sense to make a concrete5 specific website too.

Haven't seen the concrete5tricks website before, but the last blog article dates back to December 2014. Would be nice if we all would be blogging at least once a week, but I know it costs a lot of time. Time which we don't always have so... totally understandable things like this will come to a stop at some point.

Thanks to you and the rest for the kind words. Hope we can make the concrete5 community bigger together and conquer the world! (I'm exaggerating now... haha, just hope concrete5 will get closer to the biggest CMS competitors and drive WordPress away is all...)