My website isn't working - missing header/footer HTML

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My website:

stopped rendering correctly. When I look at the source code, it looks as though all of the HTML header and footer information is missing. As far as I know, nothing was done to the site recently. Any thoughts on what is happening here? Thanks.

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Without seeing how your theme files are constructed, it's tough to say what's gone missing. The footer appears to be there but the header is missing.

Inside your theme folder, edit one of the page type files such as 'right_sidebar.php' or 'full.php' and see whether it has this near the top:

<?php $this->inc('elements/header.php');?>

Can you attach the offending page type file to this forum? You will have to rename it to a .txt file to post it here.
kreative replied on at Permalink Reply
In all of those files:

the following line of code was missing:

defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die(_("Access Denied."));
$this->inc('elements/header.php'); ?>

I'm fairly certain no one edited this out. How could this have happened?
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you happen to check the 'last modified date' on those files before you fixed them? This might point to a certain time frame. Server logs MIGHT be able to point to an IP on that date (if you want to dig this far).
kreative replied on at Permalink Reply
It was June 11. I'd have to dig to get to that info. I've updated C5 and all the addons and the site is up and running again. I'll keep an eye on things. Thanks for your help.
globalnerds replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you show us the code in your header.php and footer.php?
INTcommunications replied on at Permalink Reply
check your closing and opening divs

</div><!-- /contain -->

can't see this div opening tag