Not making enough money Concrete5?

Seems that Concrete5 is no longer interested in the little guys. My little charity threw away a bundle on themes and add-ons. We had a problem and had to reinstall concrete5 and while it connects to the project page, nothing we paid for is available - apparently a new policy because someone reassigned a licence 108 times. So you go from 108 times (which you should have addressed) to NO times to people who legitimately want to get their site back up using concrete5? And not only that - my add functionality is not even seeing NEW downloads my project page says are available and there's no way for me to get help.

Apparently from your contact forms you only respond to people willing to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to develop a website. And if we need help we're in the WRONG PLACE. I'll be sure to let my rather large hosting company know they shouldn't be allowing installation of your FREE software- its not even worth free.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, you're frustrated from the licence problems you are having, but I can assure you that you'll get more help from the community (and the concrete5 crew) if you focus on the problem you are having and avoid verbally lashing out. So, moving on!

You've obviously seen Franz's point here:
The gist is that lots of people are simply reusing licenses and not playing fair, so there's been an ongoing issue. On the flip side, adding restrictions can make it more frustrating in particular situations, it's a balancing act.

As you've said you're effectively rebuilding your site, the best/easiest thing to do here is to simply do point number 2, which is to manually download the add-ons you need, unzip and upload them to your /packages folder and install them via the dashboard. All your licences should provide a download link in your members area.

So you've not lost access to the add-ons you've purchased for your site, you're simply (for whatever reason) unable to use the _automated_ installer, you just have to do it manually. It really should only add a few more minutes to the task. You could even just download all the ones you need, upload them in one operation and install them in seconds.
socalrescue replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice, add a condescending scolding to my complaint.
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Gee, I didn't intend that to be condescending.

Should I have just ignored your post, instead of trying to provide some sort of suggestion?
VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Reply
Or you could go into your concrete5 account, go to "Projects" click on the old project your themes/add-ons were associated to, then on the right hand sidebar click on "Edit project"

Down the bottom of the page you will see a large Delete project button, and in black and white:

"Deleting a project releases all add-ons and disconnects the website from"

You can then make your new site a new project and all your add-ons/themes will once again be available to associate.

Takes 2 minutes tops.

@Mesuva was trying to help, acting like an ass is not a good way to convince anyone to assist, so maybe next time the red mist is descending, maybe wait until you are calm enough to be able to request help in a civil manner.
socalrescue replied on at Permalink Reply
Done all of these things already. Didn't ask for help since I can read. But thanks.