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I can't seem to find how you can have a block repeated on many pages that's automatically updated on each page when you update the original. can anyone advise?

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okhayat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
One way it to use the Global Scrapbook.
1. Edit the page where the block is
2. Click on the block
3. Choose 'Copy to Scrapbook'
4. Select 'Global Scrapbook'
5. Select 'Alias original to Scrapbook'
6. Click 'Add block to Scrapbook'

Once done, goto the page where you want to show the block and edit it.
Click on the area where you want to add the block, select 'Paste from scrapbook', and choose it.
Repeat this on every page where you need the copy.

Now, wherever the original block is edited, it will update all the Aliases copies.
pixelita replied on at Permalink Reply
Sweet. I'm loving c5 more and more every minute!
emunkle replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks a heap! your instructions are spot on and i've already modified the site to take advantage of.
And, I agree. Each day I find I love concrete more and more!!!
carlos123 replied on at Permalink Reply
Just to be complete on the subject of this thread...I also was able to copy a block from the Global Scrapbook to the page type Default which in turn places it on every page that uses that page type.

Without the need to go to every single page on one's site that you want to use the Global Scrapbook block in and add the block manually.

Saves a lot of time to use the page type default in this way if you have a lot of pages on which you want to use a Global Scrapbook block.

Hope that helps.

inkwellcd replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Carlos

Can you give me a step by step on that please I'm looking the same for a site I'm working on mate.
inkwellcd replied on at Permalink Reply
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
carlos123 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Franz.

Thanks for participating in the thread! Not sure what the link is about but I will check it out.

Hey...I hope you don't me asking here (I didn't get any input on a post I put up about this on chit-chat) but is there any way for me to make the Details of posts, with respect to the dates and names of those posting, show up by default the way it was a few weeks ago?

I absolutely cannot stand the way I have to click on the Details link before knowing who to respond to and/or the date of the post that I am responding to!!

If I start a response and then realize I had not clicked on the Details link to know the name of the person I am responding to, so that I can be more friendly and personal in my response, well...I can't go click on the Detail link anymore as the response window takes over the screen. So I either continue my response blindly or cancel my response, click on the Details link, and then start my response again.

I mean I know it was you by the great portrait of you in that avatar image you have :) but I don't know hardly anyone else just by their avatar.

This putting of the details behind a link instead of showing them by default is a great big, pain.

Is there anything that can be done about that?

Or is there a setting I can set to display details or something?

Any input on this would be appreciated.

frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure, don't use Chrome.

best wishes

Franz Maruna
vadnalrakesh replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks that's really help me!
carlos123 replied on at Permalink Reply
Oops. I posted in the wrong thread. Sorry. Still waking up.