Ouch! Basic home page is displayed all wrong in IE

Looks fine in firefox - but looks like the css is all messed up in IE - the top links menu is hidden behind the clipboard image - admin menu items on top of each other - this is a fresh install too. What could be wrong?

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DigitalCrate replied on at Permalink Reply

Do you have link to the site so people can see the issue? Probably is css issue as you suspected, specially if you are using absolute positioning.
Toby1 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Yes sorry the site ishttp://9portal.com - It is no longer the default theme. I wasn't using any CSS at all - I am trying to say that the default theme as it appears on a fresh install was all messed up. Even with a different theme the positioning is behaving different to firefox. No big deal for the moment since I won't be using IE to edit. But it is still displaying the edit control buttons on top of each other. Image attached. This is a bluehost-supplied install. Perhaps the problem is at the server end.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply

looks like you're talking about the CMS not working in ie6. That's desired behavior.

plain yogurt (or any other theme you put the love into) should be able to render for your site visitors in ie6 just fine though. No?
Toby1 replied on at Permalink Reply
- the link buttons to the other pages are obscured underneath the slideshow on the main page. That is how I first found out when a friend who was viewing in IE8 mentioned she couldn't see the buttons. The CMS not working makes sense though :)