Page attributes not saving for page for dashboard -> sitemap -> page search

Hi folks,

We are seeing some goofy behavior in the dashboard->sitemap->page search regarding filtering on custom attributes. When editing a pages properties, and adding attribute with value, those values are not searchable in dashboard page search until the page itself has been edited and published. Expected behavior is for the attributes to be searchable immediately in page search once the attributes are edited.

Here is a step by step breakdown to reproduce (See image for screenshot of this):

1. Create a custom page attribute of type select (allow multiple values to be selected)
2. Add attribute to a page, choosing a value
3. goto dashboard->sitemap->page search
4. add filter, choose the attribute and vlaue. Click filter.
--- No results found ---
5. Goto the page and edit the page and publush the page
6. Repeat #3-4 above. Now attributes are found.

Running concrete5 Version

Wondering if the page should be forced to index when page attributes are added/changed??

Any advice much appreciated,

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dmeller replied on at Permalink Reply
No takers on this? Any ideas anyone, still seeing this issue...
dbradley replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you ever figure this out? I've posted a number of things like this since updating to and no response, it's almost like concrete5 community is gone.
GregJoyce replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a small bug in The reason for this happening like this is that there is an AJAX call to reindex the page when this change made from the normal "edit page" interface, but the call is not made from the dashboard.
It's something that will be fixed in 5.6.1.

In the meantime, if you simply visit any pages while you are logged in, that will reindex any changed attributes. Alternatively, if you have made a number of edits from the sitemap or page search, you can run the "reindex search" job from the jobs page in the dashboard.