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Is there an extension or plugin that would make it so you won't need two different accounts to C5-based website and phpbb forum? Generally speaking, I want to be able to log to both at once, with single account, any kind of deeper integration isn't needed.

Yes I've googled it but it seems that any extension either for phpbb or C5 I can find is either dead, has problems with new versions of either C5 or phpBB or is otherwise inaccessible.

Due to like, no budget, I also need a free solution and no, discussion forum from marketplace isn't an option here as I am setting it up for a friend and he wants a phpBB sauce along with C5 fries ;).

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
I think phpBB integration would be great.
goutnet replied on at Permalink Reply

creating a auth plugin that would look into the phpBB user account list could be possible (at least for 5.7), but having it do the login stuff of phpBB could be tough.

So if you are looking for an auth plugn to let phpBB users log in onto c5 with their phpBB account, I think this is workable (not making plans or commitments here, but adding that to my to-develop-in-case-you-have-some-free-time list).

Can you be more precise on what you are looking for?
darkhog replied on at Permalink Reply
I want users to log in to both phpbb and C5 with a single login form and when creating account on C5 appropriate account on phpbb should be created as well.

I want to completely disable phpbb's registration/login system and have users login through C5.
goutnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok,so what you are looking for is more like a phpBB plugin that would take the accounts and cookies form concrete5 …

in that case, I don't think such a thing exists, and that would require quite some work to do …
darkhog replied on at Permalink Reply
Or, alternatively, C5 plugin that sets phpbb cookies and load/write login details to/from phpbb tables.
goutnet replied on at Permalink Reply
In any case, the pb is the "setting the other side cookie"