ProBlog: moving database to new server

I realize this isn't the ProBlog support site, but I cannot get any support there. I purchased the extra 30-day support on April 19 and submitted a support ticket, but there's been no response.

My client has moved their concrete5 site to a new server, with a completely updated version of concrete5 and mobile responsive theme (foundation5) - so we didn't do a site restore. How can I export just the ProBlog database/files from the original server to the new one?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
hi, I apologize for missing your ticket. I was out on vacation.

It doesn't quite work like that db wise as everything is based on core attribute types and optimized data.

If this is pre 5.7 version you can use the problog importer found on the ProBlog product page. Just take the rss feed from your existing site, and use the importer on your new site and that should give you a huge head start. There may be some clean up needed, but it will save you a ton of time regardless.

webadminfl replied on at Permalink Reply
The version is
This is new to me. Where is the rss feed located? The new site has gone live, but I can still get into the old server.
webadminfl replied on at Permalink Reply
Any more details?