???? question marks showing instead of Arabic type !


I've been working on a multilingual (French and Arabic) site for a few months now. A couple of weeks ago, I moved it to a different server and changed the domain name from '.net' to '.org'... I also activated the advanced permissions.

Suddenly, whenever I try to edit a block with arabic type in it, the whole text turns into question marks! It's like the site is not reading the arabic... what's weird is that everything was working fine and I didn't do anything (that I know of) to wreck it!

Any thoughts?

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SavedSamuel replied on at Permalink Reply
Check your MYSQL. You must change your settings to Arabic script; there's a unicode for Arabic (although Justhost doesn't seem to have that one) and there's also:

cp1256_bin Arabic, Binary
cp1256_general_ci Arabic, case-insensitive
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
From what I experienced in the past, you have to use utf8_unicode_ci for the database, tables, and any fields containing Arabic text.
That should hopefully fix your problem.
DianaAyub replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ... I actually did work it out & that's exactly what I did . I changed it from utf8_general_ci to utf8_unicode_ci .