recovering deleted files in file manager

hey guys

I accidentally deleted all files in the file manager (don't ask how or why! *embarrassed* ) but I looked in the files directory and they're all still there. Is there a way to retrieve them from the 'files' folder and make them reappear in the file manager?

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CC3381 replied on at Permalink Reply
The easy way to get the files back is to go to your files/trash directory and copy the files to your files/incoming directory. Then go to your file manger and click on the upload multiple button. Then select the incoming tab and select the files you want to upload.

best wishes,
Concrete5 Team
DianaAyub replied on at Permalink Reply
that's what I would usually do, but weird thing is the files are not in the trash folder. They're still in their places in the numbered folders inside the files directory, so it would be hard for me to copy each one from its folder into the incoming.
No other way, huh?
killass replied on at Permalink Reply 6 Attachments
Do You have server with cpanel?
I have 2 installs od concrete5 in one of them i've made a mistake by deleting the images from file manager

I'm comparing the installs and it's look like:
broken - both of folders empty - new release 5.5x
good - folders are full - it's an old release 5.4x

The weir thing is that newest release have no option to add an images to file manager, old release have it

i don't know if it's bug related with server, but it seems to

I think you need to copy files to folder "level 2" to get in image thumbnails to view it in file manager

And if You have cpanel on server - you can drag and copy images with ctrl, when you click on icon/thumbnail of folder eg. 9026 to 9023

Ok. wright now i found in System & Settings an option that i can allow of formats that can be added to file manager[check ustawienia.png] and basicaly options for "add multiple" and "upload" appears in file manager[check fileman.png]
DianaAyub replied on at Permalink Reply
I am working with CPanel, but I don't have a problem with the file manager in the latest version of C5. I can upoad a single image or multiple as well.

I'll try what you suggested for me to copy the files in Cpanel...
killass replied on at Permalink Reply
first select a file from cpanel manager - from right[from left it works too]
click ctrl - drag any item to the folder You want.
Tell me if it works, if not Try to find folder that is responsible for that images
I think it should be these places:

files/ numbered
Thumbnails/ numbered
Level 2/ numbered
and problably
DianaAyub replied on at Permalink Reply
there's nothing in the incoming folder... everything is in place in the files/numbered... anyway I'm finding it much easier to just upload the files into file manager again so that's what I'm gonna do.

Thanks for your help!
killass replied on at Permalink Reply
thats the reason why i've been seeking info about file manager and how to activate the upload option :)