Responsive Music Player?

Hi Everyone,

Can you suggest a good addon that will play music on my site but also be responsive? It should have controls and the name of the track showing. I'm currently using HTML Audio Player Basic addon but it doesn't look good on a phone with the large templates and if I use a small template it doesn't look good on a large display.

Here's the site:

I have looked through all the marketplace addons and can't see any that would do what I need but maybe I've missed something or misinterpreted what I've read.

Many thanks,

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Enlil has an addon for a minimal HTML5 music player. You could use that and add the title next to it or code a custom view.
designserve replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks JTF,

I'll have a good look at that. I was hoping for something that could take a fileset of mp3s. I've possibly resolved the issue on that site (still working on a new page) but I need one for another site so still looking.

Thanks again,
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
My mp3 player doesn't take filesets, but what you can do, is create a page for each mp3 file and then "page list teaser" those pages with a page list block wherever you'd like a playlist.
designserve replied on at Permalink Reply

It does look nice. My site could end up with hundreds of mp3s. I'm looking for something that will also look good on tablets and phones but I need fileset functionality because it could be a huge editing job to enable each file manually. Also, I hope that members will own their own filesets in due course (that functionality is way off but I'm looking at some of JTFs addons for members to upload etc).

Thanks for the response,
cpillz replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you looked at my HTML5 audio player pro? You can try it out at the demo site:

It has more themes than the basic version and might have what you're looking for.