Revolution Slider just disapperared?

Hi , I'm very new to Concrete 5 and not by any means a web designer , but I do have support from folks that are more in the know, but I have just been dabbling at the very early stages with Swosh2 and I've been messing about with full width images within the Revolution Slider .. Well to my question all off a sudden I don't see the slider on the website and I'm getting this message showing:
Revolution Slider Error: The param width not found in slider params.

It seems what ever I do in the settings it just doesn't change it back I even deleted all the slides and started from scratch. Any advice would be great?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Revolution Slider has never been an approved Concrete5 addon or available through the Concrete5 marketplace.

A concrete5 version of Revolution Slider used to be available on Code Canyon, which is where you would ideally go for developer support. If you look on Code Canyon at it has now been discontinued. It had too much poor feedback with a reputation for incompatibility with the c5 dashboard, themes and addons and not much interest from the developer in supporting it.

The Wordpress version is still available on Code Canyon. You could try contacting the developer through the Wordpress support channel on Code Canyon. Whether the developer will provide any support on a discontinued c5 version of the slider is another matter.
Audiotree replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply John I'll do some investigating then me thinks!
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Talk to the developer.

Click on 'Get Help' button:
Audiotree replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Steeevb, I'll have a look into that too..