Signing into to website edit account.

I have set up a photography website with a hosting company, all is well until I go to login then all I get is "Invalid username or password" user name and password are the same as when I installed the site to concrete5. I try to reset my password, but never receive the email to do so. I have white listed url. Can any one help.

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cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply
If you have access to cPanel and the database you can reset the admin password.
Which version of C5 are you using?
photosian replied on at Permalink Reply
I have installed concrete5.6.3.4
cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply
Click on forgot password and enter your email.
Open phpMyAdmin or whatever you use to access your mysql database and have a look at "Logs", and find the content of the email that should have been sent.
Copy the url link from this and paste into browser and you can now update your password.