Site User Badge Reward System

Hello C5 Friends ::

I haven't seen this discussed before, and nothing came up in search on this...

It would be interested to be able to create a reward/awards system for installed Concrete5 websites.

I think this could be useful to help encourage usage and confidence on sites managed by end-clients. Rewards could be setup for things like

Number of Log-Ins 10, 100, 1000, etc.
Number of Posts
Creating Users
Editing Global Block
Adding Pages
Approving Changes...

What do you all think?


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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe there was something like this for the legacy versions of C5, but I haven't seen a package that does this developed yet for 5.7+.
Would this be a package that automatically gives points when users do certain activities?

I think having a "gamification" type addon available would be very valuable, as it would help boost community engagement and give incentive for users to keep returning.
76West replied on at Permalink Reply
Exactly. A point/karma system — not unlike what exists at

Ideally, I think each site admin would want to setup their own reward system, and potentially have their own icon system as well.

Further, depending on the company and use of the site, this could also be tied to an HR reward system.