Sitemap.xml still includes deleted pages after re-indexing

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This is very frustrating. After deleting a bunch of pages (and emptying the trash folder in the dashboard) my sitemap.xml still includes the deleted pages, causing crawl errors with Google.

I'm running and a number of add-ons. Many of the deleted pages were from the forum add-on (which I uninstalled, then deleted all the pages).

Anyone know how to correct this?

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ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
Go to your dashboards System & Settings and then Automated Jobs. Run the job once and after that clear your cache. I think it will solve your problem.

invision replied on at Permalink Reply
Done that. Ran the 'delete all but 10 prev versions,' emptied trash, cleared cache, deleted sitemap.xml, but the script still rebuilds it with all the deleted pages.

The deleted pages are still in the database (collections table). Is there a way to purge deleted pages? Optimize the tables?
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Deleted pages (if they've been removed from the trash) really shouldn't be
in the collections table.

Can anyone else reproduce this?

best wishes

Franz Maruna
invision replied on at Permalink Reply
I'll be happy to give you admin access to the site & hosting account to examine the DB and files.

Actually, we shut the forums down because they were being auto-spammed. There were so many pages -- I didn't want to have to delete thousands of them one by one, so I deleted their parent page (the forums page) to remove them quickly.

My experience is when you delete a parent page in the sitemap, the child pages also get deleted:

"Are you sure you wish to delete this page?
This will remove 2 child page(s).
Deleted pages are moved to the trash can in the sitemap."

Any thoughts?
invision replied on at Permalink Reply
I just tested a theory...

I added a page to the root (same level as home), then added two sub-pages directly below that page. Viewed the pages to see if they looked okay, everything is fine.

Then I went back into the dashboard to the sitemap and deleted the first page, got the message about "this will remove 2 child pages(s)." I removed all three and none are visible in the sitemap.

Logged into PHPMyAdmin, looked at the collections table, and all three are still there, the last records in the table.

Hope this helps you pinpoint the source of the problem. I don't know the inner workings of Concrete5 well enough to know where to begin, but it appears the code to remove the pages from the database isn't doing what it's supposed to?
invision replied on at Permalink Reply
Here is a related discussion, and perhaps the source of the problem:

I upgraded the site to 5.5 and beyond while all the unwanted forums posts were still in there, then deleted after the upgrade. Everything appears to be working well except the site is running very slowly, that's when I investigated and found the old forum posts still in the database and sitemap.xml file.