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I've done more than a dozen Concrete5 installations but one site that I have is having slow load times that are around 15-20 seconds ( and I can't figure out the problem. At first I thought it was the host because I inherited the client's host so I moved the site over to my host that I have done a number of C5 installs on without issue. To my surprise the site is just as slow on my host. I admit this site is a little heavy on the graphic side but I'm getting slow load times even in the dashbord. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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elyon replied on at Permalink Reply
This article helped me on one of my client's servers:

The page loaded okay for me, though. I'd just watch out for how much PHP work you're doing, or database queries. Some add-ons, I've noticed, also make things a little slow
Pritam replied on at Permalink Reply
Here's another article by Andrew worth taking a look at.
helllooodpr88 replied on at Permalink Reply
Does PHP5 (FastCGI) work with the php compiling of concrete5?
digievo replied on at Permalink Reply
By following the zend cache suggestion, I saw a significant boost in loading times for a site running on a shared windows server.
rritz replied on at Permalink Reply
Andrew´s article helped me too, on a free server that has very low performance, it sped up the site I was just amazed
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmm. I would also try commenting out certain areas on the home page and reloading the site, to see if certain blocks are at fault. For example I notice there's a twitter feed on the home page. I wonder if that could be causing some of the slowness.
pixo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for everyone's reply. I've gone down the path of checking different page elements but have not been able to come up with anything that is causing the problem. The Twitter feed runs fine on its own so I'm pretty sure that isn't the issue. I'm 99% sure it isn't something on the front end of the website because even the Dashboard loads really slow. My guess is that it has to do with the interaction between the code and database. Not sure where to check however.
pixo replied on at Permalink Reply
Found the issue. There was some remnant code that was still pointed at the old server that was slowing down the pages. Everything is working fine now. Thanks for everyone's help and sorry for the trouble.
thewayweseecom replied on at Permalink Reply
Greetings: I am replying to your post of last July regarding slowness of concrete5. I am having the same kind of problem. In your last post on that thread, you said the following: "remnant code that was still pointed at the old server that was slowing down the pages." Since I moved my hosting before I installed concrete5, I wonder if this could be my problem also. Assuming that it is, I can use some help on identifying that the remnant code exists and then fixing/removing it so that it will not continue to cause problems. So, can you help direct me? Thanks, pb
adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
What is your site's url? We'll be able to help you further with your site's url.

This might help too:
thewayweseecom replied on at Permalink Reply
Here is my URL as requested.

I installed Page Speed and ran it on my site in Concrete5. It scored
31/100. That seems to confirm what I already knew. Problem is I don't
know how to apply the fixes Page Speed recommends. It is over my head.

I will appreciate any help you can give.

FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
Mine scored 81/100...which by high school grading terms doesn't sound too bad, but the site still loads extremely slow.
tatsumi replied on at Permalink Reply
yeah, i got the same problem at url:
i wonder what it might be. can somebody have some sollution for this?
Phallanx replied on at Permalink Reply
All of your sites have a shed-load of javascript in the header (preventing the browser from rendering until it has them all). And all your sites have huge image files.

Images (backgrounds, menus etc) should be less then 50kb. 80kb is tolerable and over 100k is a no-no (one I saw had 1/2 MB background :o). The exception being if it's actual content (photographs hi-res imagery etc). But images for presentation should be tiny-the smaller the better.
FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
So after going through all of the optimization and trying to change jQuery loads, etc. etc. We find out that the client's server (on GoDaddy) is on a 3rd generation server that is way overloaded and GoDaddy never upgraded them to the new server system. They are on a server that is five years old and allows under 3gb of bandwidth, etc. etc.

We're getting them switched to an updated server to help with the load issues. We developed the site on our server (LunarPages) and never had any speed issues, even without any optimizations.
goodsir replied on at Permalink Reply
We were also having extremely slow load times on one site where many other sites on the same server were not having any issues. Our problem turned out to be that the mysql database host was set to the IP address of the server instead of localhost.