This site does not appear to be a concrete5 site.


I am pretty new to Conrete5 but the website I am editing exists already for a longer time. As I wanted to add a few addon-ons from the Conrete5 Marketplace I need to submit a showcase site.

Unfortunatly I get the error message: "This site does not appear to be a concrete5 site."
as this statement is not true I am a little bit helples what to do now.

Hope you can help me!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
It could be because the site is running concrete5.6.4.0, which is now unsupported and the legacy marketplace is closed for further sales on

If you need any addon from the legacy marketplace you will need to obtain the zip file and install manually.

Sources of legacy addons
- Many developers are still supporting legacy addons and can sell directly
- Some are posted on Github
- As far as I know, you can still buy legacy addons through special offers that feature them

If you are doing a lot of manual addon installations, there is an addon that automates future manual installs.