urgent- Slide show & Power Slider Lite


Currently I am search engine optimizing a website that uses concrete5. The site has been using slide show which is not SEO friendly ( you cannot add alt tags etc.) I can see in the block types Power Slider Lite is also installed so I want to use Power Slider Lite instead of slideshow and replace the photos from the slideshow to power s. lite. BUT HOW ?? I have no idea how to make that happen? Sorry for my beginner level question but I am in need your help... All answers will be highly appreciated.


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tommyh replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you ever get anywhere with this? I am also SEOing a C5 site and they are using a power slider on the homepage. The images do you show the alt tags that are associated with the images in file manager. View you view the page source the alt tags are blank.

Any ideas?