using ubuntu

Can websites developed using themes and addons compatible with C5 V5.6+ be created and supported by setting up and using ubuntu desktop edition

my goal is to run my C5 website from my new desktop thru my secure home ADSL connection.

I will build my website using probably using Silence and other PRE 5.7 versioned addons, which I have in abundance.

Now can I just use the desktop edition OR do I need to install the Ubuntu server edition???

please advise and thx

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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
You're going to need server software. That could probably be installed in the home edition, but it would be included automatically in the server edition.

I think your main constraint will be performance. The maximum upload (ie, serving) speed of ADSL is about 1 Mbps, so anyone viewing your site remotely won't have a fun time of it. It will be worse if there are multiple clients accessing it simultaneously. Off-site caching would help, but that wouldn't be trivial to arrange.
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
I changed my mind. Ubuntu server doesn't come with a GUI by default (I think), and you'd probably want that. While a GUI could be installed on the server edition, it would easier to install server software on the desktop edition.

But I still wouldn't serve from home.