Version 8

Is anyone else find the latest version of C5 less than expected?
Ive now created two sites with this version and am going back to 5.7.

These are some of the basic things I have noticed:
• Installation requires custom edit of PHP installation. (most new users would stumble at first hurdle)

• Site refresh is extremely slow compared to previous version and sometimes fails.
This is a big problem!!!
I have to constantly refresh page to move to next edit and it quite often loses the edit. This is just rubbish! I run on SSD servers which have no problem with older versions so i know its not my environment.

• Deleting multiple files from file manager does not work and creates code errors.

• If I set 'Pretty URL's' I lose the site completely, as it does not handle the creation of HTACCESS file.

• Missing previous basic blocks, plus limited blocks to purchase.

To my mind this is a BETA version and should not be on the main download link yet until its improved. Anyone else agree?

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

Installation doesn't require any fiddling with PHP, it is entirely automated and is pretty much the same it has been ever since 5.4. Only difference is it now lets you select a language.

I didn't notice site's refresh being any slower than other systems but it is something I hear from time to time so I guess there might be a setting problem. Did you enable your cache? Do you have any 404 errors? Oversized images?

I did experience problems with the file manager. I don't remember deleting files specifically but it does need ironing out.

C5 will add the proper code to your htaccess provided permissions are set at your server's level. You can also choose to do it manually which is simply a copy and paste.

As far as core blocks are concerned this version has more blocks than legacy versions and some were enhanced. The form block, for instance, is way ahead of the legacy version.
If you mean missing from the marketplace then yes it is still building momentum the same way any marketplace does.

Maybe you could offer some suggestions as to which basic blocks you feel are missing? Someone might even build it if there's an interest.

Now having said so, I do think it might be safer to stick to 5.7 instead of v8 for the time being. I love v8 and I use it but I know how to work around the problems which is not something non-technical users should have to do.

I wouldn't go back to legacy though.
deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
I really do appreciate your comments but I'm only mentioning what I have experienced.
I have around 25 sites all running on the same server in various versions of C5 going back to Only the new versions have load problems.
I confess I'm no coder, but I'm sure a large amount of C5 users are in the same boat as me in that they have a working knowledge of the structure of things, but are not able to get into the nitty gritty unless show in a detailed walk thorugh. We always appreciate any help that more knowledgable people can provide, so I'm not complaining, just giving feedback.

You probably love the new version because you can sort out problems that others find impossible or very difficult at best.

For your reference I had to edit the PHP to enable 'mbstring' whatever that is?

It would really help if a dedicated forum for v8 was created for these comments.
I often search on the forum, and general web for help and so much of the info is out of date, it's very frustrating.

Im currently trying to find out how to edit the line spacing on the page list block. I search with many logical expressions and can find nothing that helps. You used to be able to adjust this in the actual block design options but it seems to be missing now.

With the pretty URL's thing, on 5.7 I simply clicked the checkbox and it worked. on V8 the site breaks and cannot be found.
deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry forgot to add...
I have tried editing with Chrome and Firefox (Mac) and both experience load problems with v8 when editing.
deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
Just noticed another problem with version 8. When editing text in the content block, if you select a style and then try to select normal text, it does not apply. You have to go into the html code and remove it there. Version 7 had a 'clear styles' choice if i remember rightly.
deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
here is another post on htaccess problem

Could not post to the link above so here's the solution:
I had a message saying C5 could not detect my server type. Crazy as version 5.7 had no problem at all, it's standard apache
I made my own htaccess file using the example code here:
When adding the htaccess file either from your cpanel or using and FTP app, don't forget it needs a dot '.' at the beginning of the file name to make it invisible and to work.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Please report bugs on the bug tracker
or as github issues

The core team don't track the forums for bug reports. Here on the forums it is just us users helping each other out.
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Reply
I personally have issues upgrading my live to any version of v8 but that is for another topic.
Anyways I do have an out of date site I was able to upgrade locally and play with and from what I've touched on V8 seems good but some changes seem to be a step backwards from 7.

● Site Forums
a Version 8 section really needs to be created, I know no one from the development team look at the forums but it is a new release so a dedicated section is logical.

● Site Documentation
I appreciate documentation takes time to develop and the V7 docs will cover most of v8 for now anyways but things like the file manager look completely different in V8 and not having a mention of V8 in the docs is just confusing.

●File Manager
I feel the file manager has had functionality and features removed.
For instances:
You can't display more than 10 items on the page which you could in 7.

Tick boxes have been removed so selecting more then 1 file is clunky at best.
You can press ctrl and select more than 1 file, however you can't deselect an item you selected by mistake via this method so you must start from the beginning if you make a mistake.

You can't search a File Set without going into advanced search which makes me think File Sets are being mothballed?

I think this is a bug but, when you search a File Set via the advanced search they get displayed.
However, if you have more than 10 items in the File Set and need to click on the pagination buttons to see the rest of the files it resets the view, removes the search refinements you put into advanced search and displays all files in file manager.
Navigating away from the File Manager and then navigating back seems to fix the issue and allows you to use the pagination's as you would expect.

What is the thought behind Folders? are they going to replace File Sets? Are they not basically the same thing just displayed differently?
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi gavthompson,

I agree that there should be a version 8 section in the forums.

Site documentation is definitely a place with many opportunities to add, update, and improve. While some areas of documentation are largely a responsibility of the concrete5 core team, many areas can and should be created and updated by members of the community. The documentation has been made fully editable for members of the community.

The File Manager will have many added changes and bug fixes in the next release. Setting items per page has been added.

There is an open issue for improving the file selection in the file manager. This involves adding additional keyboard and click combinations for contiguous and discontiguous selections.

I am not aware of file sets being removed. They still provide a very useful function and work separately from file folders. An image can be in one folder at a time while that same image can be in many file sets at the same time.
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Reply
That's good to know regarding the documentation.

When you spell out the difference between folders and's kinda obvious!
Folders are a organizational feature within File Manager where as File Sets are a usable feature for grouping content.

revee replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm surprised you can delete files at all, in my 5.8 file manager all file modification functions are missing. I can select files but I can't do anything with them (delete, rename, modify sets..) is that just me?
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Reply
Right clicking brings up the options now.