Video to replace Flash animation for Mobile devices

I currently have about 100 Flash animations that display on my site ( that depict how to tie knots. That works fine for visitors on computers but mobile visitors and iPad, iPod, iPhone etc users don't get to see the animations. I'd like to either have the site detect the device and deliver the proper content (the Flash or mpg video), or have some option to show an animation movie for mobile users. I'd prefer something automatic and not just a link to a Youtube video. I will be converting all the Flash animations to mpg movies. I could put them on YouTube (and have a link) but am wondering if there is something a bit more advanced that I could do.

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jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
HTML5 canvas -- displaying video -- older mobile devices may not support this as fully:

Media queries are the way to go to distinguish between standard and various mobile devices: -- an older article from A List Apart.

Perhaps its just my simplicity, but a link to a YouTube video really seems the simplest cross-agent approach.