What are you using to embed your recent Facebook posts in your website?

Good afternoon C5 community!

We have been working for a few months attempting to get FB to approve our use of a C5 plugin under their new API requirements without luck. We like this plugin. We like the Masonry Grid we use to place the feed posts in and the styling ability of the plugin to match the rest of our site. But, it doesn't help us to have a plug-in that looks nice when FB won't approve our usage of.

Are any of you using a plug-in you visually like that functions well from the marketplace, are you using Facebook's own embed code and do you ignore their suggestion to leave it unstyled (or face possible display errors), or something else?


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bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there anyone using a facebook add-on they like? As expected, Facebook has begun removing permissions to make Easy Social Feed to work. So far it is the only add-on I like (mostly because of the nice masonry grid of posts).

Any feedback on what you are using would be appreciated.