What is the max image size for a slider

My question is a basic one.

What is the recommended slider image ratio so larger wide screen monitors are covered?

When you are creating images for your slider how wide should you make them so they will fit larger monitors?


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GundlachMarketing replied on at Permalink Reply
It all depends on your layout. Most layouts have a center column that maxes out at 900 to 1200px, so depending on your theme, somewhere in there. If you have no such restrictions, I'm currently working on a screen with 1080p resolution and my screen width is 1920px.

Keep the 1200px width in mind for a maximum, if you go for a 1900px maximum your page load times will be outrageous. You can probably go smaller if you look at your site right click on your main block ontainer (in firefox) and select inspect this element. go to the computed tab of the right box. search "width" (make sure "Browser Styles" is checked), scroll to the bottomthere should be a pixel value that correlates with width. That's a fairly exact guideline for you to edit your images to.