Where to set up email settings for inquiry form

Hi all,

I have a submit enquiry form on my website. I am wondering where I might find the settings to enter the email address the emails get sent to and also the auto reply settings? Happy to supply screen shots once I know where to look.

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I'm assuming you're using the core form block?

If so, go to the "options" tab when editing the form and look for "send form submissions to email addresses" field. Here, you can enter multiple emails to send to, separated by comma.

Just below that, you can set the value of the email reply-to, which makes it possible to reply directly to the form submission via your email client.

Also... there's a FREE addon available for an auto-responder (note that it's NOT compatible with 5.8, though):

I hope this helps.
JimMacMillan replied on at Permalink Reply
In the "Set value of Reply-To to Email Field" drop-down I see two option...
• Email
• ***None

I've tried it both ways and the From always show the eMail address for the site administrator which isn't even from the same domain.

I would like it to show: "[email protected]".

Am I missing something?

JimMacMillan replied on at Permalink Reply
Found it in line 189 of the controller.php file.


$mh->from("[email protected]");
melange replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the feedback. The emails actually had been coming though its just they landed in junk mail. Next step will be somehow setup and auto reply. Ill look at that add-on you mentioned.

Thanks for the help and reply.