Why is training so expensive?

Would love to learn more about Concrete 5 but have just been browsing the excellent online tutorial webinars. Until I saw the price that is $295 per seminar!!

Surely it would make sense to make these more accessible to the jobbing designer that in the present economic climate would struggle to find this...? I would gobble these up if they were priced keenly.

Perhaps they should be pre-recorded and done in some way to make them more digestible.

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
well there are a lot of how-to's, it probably makes sense to start there.

the training is geared for enterprise clients that want one on one sessions geared towards their needs. Seeing as similar courses for other software tend to be in the thousands for 2 day on-site seminars, we thought we were actually being pretty ala-cart cheap about the whole thing.

Frankly, if there were screencasts just sitting around that I could give you for free, I would. The reality is we tend to create these courses on demand and we typically bill $125/hr, so yer getting a discount. ;)