You don't have permission to access index.php

I have a site on my development platform and all is working as expected. I moved the site to the online server and added the problog add on. All Concrete5 viewing and editing features are working except for the form block. Now I get an error from any form block on submit "Forbidden. You don't have permission to access index.php". I uninstalled pro-blog but the problem remained.

The site has a custom theme, but no modifications were made to any core files.

I created a test page type and test form that have the minimal Concrete5 code and the form block loads, but the submit still fails.

If check folder and page permissions and all seem correct.

In the URL string that is sent when the form is submitted &btask=passthru causes the "forbidden" error.

Any advice on the cause or how to debug this would be appreciated.


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FRadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
Solved: This was a server issue.

My host responded "On checking we could see that one of the mod_sec rule was causing this issue."