Transfer data (Customers, orders)

Hi There I am moving my site to Shopify. I am having trouble in getting all my customer data and previous orders. Is there anything I can do to get these datas? Thanks for your help in Advance

Bulk import into express

I've got a csv file with one thousand entries.. Is there a way to bulk import into version 8? All the entries will be used with express Thanks Bob

5.8 Express

Can images in base64 form be stored in the database and retrived with an express attribute? Thanks Bob

Can`t login to the website

Hi, I have this error message, even on admin`s page: An unexpected error occurred. Call to a member function isLoggedIn() on null My web hoster managed to restore oldest backup available, but the problem seems to be happened earlier. They managed t…

5.8 custom css

I'm working on a new site with 5.8.1. I added some custom css ( in the design area) and saved it. Later I made a change to page_theme, saved it , removed and reinstalled the theme and lost all the styling to the theme. Any ideas how to get it back ?? …

C5 Version 8 rating form

Hi all Is there a possibility to include the rating (in the form) into the version 5.7? Actually I cannot use version 8 due to some "bugs". thank you

transfer C5 website

I want to try to transfer or convert my existing C5 V5.6XXX website from my Linux server running Plesk Panel onto a Windows 2008 based server, without having to start all over again????? How can I do this properly without loosing any elements … Re-launched

I have finally re-launched, which was built with Concrete5, and uses Material Design. The primary focus was on the Directory, which now has a sort and filter function, with instant search (within each category). There's a much better UI / UX…

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