Dragging blocks

When I last used C% you could drag/move a block doesn't seem to work these days. Anyone else get it work?

So more issues...

The home page gets corrupt cos the block wasn't closed whilst I was editing it, internet issues. However this then breaks the page. No worries I'll go to a previous version. But that doesn't work all I can do is make new page, but how do I replac…

Upgrade question

So the version I'm using is I found an addon I want and it requires 5.7.5 .... How complicated is it to upgrade and will affect the current site?

Register single page replication issue

So I copy the single page and the controller from the core and put them in the relevant folders in application. However, whilst they work fine from the core when I have them in the application area the throw an error of invalid call to member function.…

Public registration page

Is there a way to allow the public to register or is there a plugin? I need name, address, company etc, and password with strength preferably Thanks I'm using 5.7

Page list issues

Ok two page list blocks on the same page. Both with the same filtering and template Both showing the same content One shows the thumbnail the other doesn't Why?

Facebook/Google calendar

Hi! Is anyone successfully syncing events between a facebook page, google calendar, and/or a concrete 5 website? If so, how did you do it??

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