Concrete5 Forms

Hi Guys Still having an issue with my online forms here. Is it normal to have just the nameserver listed in the etc/resolv.conf file? Trying to understand exactly what it is dong.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks

Just Basic Usability!!!!

I have been designing and building websites since 1995. I cannot figure out how to make a website with Concrete5. No matter how I approach it, there are always several steps I needed to do before whatever I am trying to do. I have gotten nowhere!!! Som…

New Server Host Problems

I have recently been moved onto a new server to aid the speed in loading pages on my website however the photos in the galleries are not loading. My host says the problem is the coding of my website but it was all working p…

Code not working on tablet

I'm stumped as to why this is happening. If you go to my website and for example click on any of the shows under 2015, it will load fine on a desktop but on a tablet I get page not found. Am I doing something wrong? Here is my code: [code] …

Unstable site

Hi I am trying to edit a C5 site with Fundamental theme but when landing on certain pages I am being thrown out of the site and have to log in again. Also having edited certain pages and published, the recently posted text boxes are appearing on other …

Instagram Package for Concrete 5.7 & 8 Versions

Anyone Looking for Instagram Package? I have built one and would like to see if any one else interested in purchasing it. i am not sure if the marketplace is having similar. Just checking the demand. Thanks C5Freelancer

Security Vulnerability

So what's the deal, why is my login constantly being changed to redirect to a website in china? Is there an unpatched security vulnerability allowing XSS or javscript hijacking? This is the second time it has happened using two different servers and i…

Site login page is gone http 500 error

Went to login to my site the other day only to find out that I could not ... no login page. Does anyone know what needs to be done to either recover or recreate the login page? Thanks

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