Version 8.2.1 image upload problems - green then fail

I am having issues uploading any images at all, initially with both firefox and crome the image uploader wouldn't even open so I have had to resort to using windows explorer. Now the image uploader is opening, once an image is nearly uploaded it just turn…

Force site-wide HTTPS

I've found a few addons that allow forced HTTPS per page and am looking for simplest way to force this for whole site. Grateful for any suggestions. Thanks, Lars.

How can I link to an exteral page directly to a page header

I have a booking page, but I don't want that page to have any content, instead I want the site visitor to be directed straight to an external booking site when they click on my book now page. How do I do this please?

Add-on - Allow users to upload files

Hi there, We build a "intranet" and now need a way for people to upload files. These files would then be accessible by the admin. Any suggestion of an add-on we should use? Thanks!

form's submissions

Hey, can anyone please tell me Where can i edit it that newer form submission details "There has been a submission of the form through your concrete5 website." and "To view all of this form's submissions, visit" Thanks!

Error : Cannot get media type from 'x-mapp-php5'

Hi dear forum members, I need your help. After I tried to manage the SSL settings in the dashboard I got an error message 'invalid token' and was kicked out. I can't log in anymore on the front site and after looking in the database I found that du…

Community Store Product Options

Hi The scenario is that I've added a product to the cart, and there are custom option fields that have been filled in (say 'name' for example). Then I click continue shopping because I naturally want to, and because I want to add another of the same pr…

error message:

Hello, recently I have this error message : syntax error, unexpected '\' (T_NS_SEPARATOR), expecting identifier (T_STRING) I did not change anything ...

Revert to previous page version

Hi, I'm not sure where to post this but I need to try and revert to a previous page version if possible? I tried to add a RSS Feed to the blog page on my website, however something horribly has gone wrong and I cannot for some reason edit the page, it ta…

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