Creating new account every time invalid token appears

OK, so, this is what I HAVE to do, because of how this site works, I HAVE to create a new account every time I get 'Invalid Token' when attempting to sign in, and from what I've read about this problem, it's connected to how concrete5 software interacts w…

list pages

Can the content shown be taken from the page itself?

Legacy Versions of Core

I need to manually upgrade a site and the version is not listed in the legacy archive. The list only goes to Anyone know where the archive is?

legacy form and standard form for upload user file

Hi.. i'm in trouble I used stamdard c5 "legacy form" to create a form that lets a user upload files, notifying it to a given email address. The only thing it miss was to specify in witch folder store the uploaded file with 8.3.2 I do not have any mo…

Hosting recommendations

I have a small C5 site I built 2 years ago for a company. It is running on the bare minimum of hardware at Joyent. It is very slow. My plan is to move it over to a hosting company that has C5 experts. I also plan to increase hardware resources for the sit…


Hey, I have made two websites ie. and But when I type their name in google, none of both seems to appear in the search list. that is a pity. what can I do to change this situation? thanks.

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